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What we treat

Meridian Osteopath Clinic for Sussex

Tel: 01273 585444

What We Treat

Conditions Osteopathy can help you with


  • * Neck Ache
  • * Migraine prevention
  • * Neuralgia
  • * Neck Pain not after trauma/injury
  • * Frozen shoulder
  • * Shoulder elbow pain
  • * Tennis elbow arising from back and neck
  • * Headache, from the neck
  • * Arthritic Pain


  • * Sciatica
  • * Backache
  • * Lumbago
  • * Back Pain
  • * Muscle Spasm
  • * Inability to Relax
  • * Arthritic Pain


  • * Hip and Knee pain from Osteoarthritis (OA)
  • * Cramp
  • * Aches and Pains
  • * Arthritic Pain
  • * Inability to Relax


  • * Circulatory Problems
  • * Digestion Problems
  • * Fibromyalgia
  • * Inability to Relax
  • * Joint Pains
  • * Rheumatic Pain
  • * Rheumatism


  • * Sports Injuries, minor and tension

Osteopathy is natural pain relief

Pain is an inconvenience and can affect your well being, health and interfere with family life. Your body is no longer at-ease and if this continues it becomes chronic pain. Your body is in dis-ease!

Michael Wickham, Osteopath and Naturopath cannot stress enough that preventing and treating dis-ease is possible without the need of drugs.

This is very true and with back pain is very relevant as one example. Michael addresses the cause of the problem by looking at your lifestyle and and the way you eat and move.

The old saying "Prevention is better than cure" is very relevant especially with todays lifestyle and fast pace of life and the demands made on our bodies

Osteopathy recognises the importance of the link between the structure of the human body and the way it functions. Visit my osteopath said page and find out what happens in an appointment.

"Osteopathy is an officially recognised primary contact Health Care Profession.""

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Your Spine uncovered

image boy holding head in pain
Osteopathy can help Headache
image baby crying with pain, can be helped with cranial osteopathy
Osteopathy can help babies
image model of Hip right and lumbar spine
Hip lumbar spine
image model of lumbar soine showing nerves and disc
Lower back

As an Osteopath Michael Wickham is trained to check for signs of symptons and conditions we should not treat that are considered 'contra indicated for osteopathic treatment'. In these circumstances, osteopath Michael Wickham will discuss this with you, what he believes is causing your problem and if necessary refer you to see your GP or hospital for further investigations.