Fees and Opening Hours

Meridian Osteopath Clinic for Sussex

Tel: 01273 585444

Meridian Clinic fees and clinic opening hours...

Clinic Hours

Majority of patients and new patients contact us by phone, we therefore always advise and recommend you phone for an appointment.

Phoning the clinic is the most effective and easier way to ensure an appointment.

Phoning 01273 585444 guarantees an appointment.

Monday 09.00 - 14.00
Tuesday 08.15 - 19.30
Wednesday Please Phone 07860 690999
Thursday 08.15 - 19.30
Friday 08.45 - 14.00
Saturday Please Phone 07860 690999
Sunday Please Phone 07860 690999

Appointments offered outside these times by phoning 07860 690999.


New Patient £55 Allow upto 55 minutes includes treatment
New Patient - Age of 16 years and under £55 Must be accompanied by an adult
Follow Up Appointment £45 Allow upto 30 minutes
Follow up Appointment - 16 years and under £30 Must be accompanied by an adult and attend before 4.30pm


Your Spine uncovered

neck artery cervical spine
Neck spine
neck and upper back spine
Upper back spine
Hip right and lumbar spine
Hip lumbar spine
Pelvis and Lower back
Lower back